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Known Cheater Leads WPT 100K - And Nobody Cares

19 May 2011, By: compncards
Justin Bonomo 260x300
Justin Bonomo 260x300

Justin "zeejustin" Bonomo is the current chip leader in the World Poker Tour's $100,000 buy-in event. Yes, the same Justin Bonomo who got busted for cheating at online poker years ago.

Where is the outrage? Where are the Daniel Negreanu tweets talking about how he's a disgrace? Where are the CardPlayer Magazine articles talking about a known cheater being in the event?

You see Mr. Negreanu, this is why people like Ali Tekintamgac are allowed to get away with playing in events like the WPT Championship. We are not consistent.

If a player should be banned because he is/was a cheater, then that should be applied across the board. The problem is that we seem to play the double standard card.

More accurately, we seem to play the "oh, that was years ago and they have played it straight since then" card.

Granted, I realize that Tekintamgac is getting all the heat because he is the most recent and many find him despicable as a person. That still does not mean that past cheaters should get a pass.

So where is the outrage people?

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