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Is Davidi Kitai's Triple Crown Legit?

24 April 2012, By: compncards
Davidi Kitai 430x286
Davidi Kitai 430x286

Davidi Kitai completed poker's "Triple Crown" on Sunday with his win in the European Poker Tour Berlin Main Event this past weekend.

His win prompted some discussion between ESPN's Andrew Feldman and others as to whether his Triple Crown win is legit since his WPT victory was a WPT Invitational that is primarily charity based.

I personally agree with Feldman that an invitational win should not seem to count, but there are numerous examples of events being given more weight than they should.

BJ Nemeth pointed out that Doyle Brunson won a Mixed Doubles event as one of his 10 bracelet wins.

As I point out annually, the Ladies Event, Seniors Event, and Casino Employee events all should not count as a bracelet victory, but they do.

If you think about it, the invitational win is less legit than even the Seniors Event as in the field is much more limited. At least with the Seniors Event, anyone 50 or older can play in the event.

Events that count toward the "Triple Crown" at the very least should be open to all players and with some type of achievable buy-in. I do consider $25,000 an achievable buy-in for the WPT Championship.

However, certain other events I don't think should be included like the $50,000 Poker Player's Championship or the upcoming "Big One for One Drop" Event.

I congratulate "Kitai" on his accomplishment, but still agree it would have been more impressive if one leg of it wasn't an asterisk worthy win.

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