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Indicted Online Poker Sites Returning Money Sooner Than Expected

1 May 2011, By: compncards
Poker Jail
Poker Jail

There is a really good chance that I am going to be wrong about the amount of time it will take players to get their money back from Full Tilt and PokerStars.

As I discussed in my last blog, PokerStars is currently processing withdrawals from US players and there are reports from all over the US of players getting their funds back already.

Now it appears that Full Tilt is ready to pay back funds. Earlier in the week, Full Tilt released an FAQ for US players saying that an announcement would be made regarding payouts later this week.

It now appears that the announcement coming is that Full Tilt will begin to process payments this week.

While not 100% definite, according to 2+2 forum moderator Karak (@karak2p2 on twitter), a source close to him says that will be the case. If that happens, that will put my 3-6 month timeframe into the crapper.

Granted, this is a good thing. While I tend to be a realist on things, that doesn't mean that I root for them to happen. However, this should concern anyone that still has a bankroll on UB and Absolute Poker.

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