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I'm Going to Sue the Government

15 December 2011, By: compncards
Fat Man
Fat Man

I have decided today that I am going to sue the U.S. Government because it did not properly regulate the fast food industry.

It did not tell me the dangers behind eating fast food for 20 years and now I am fat.

It is time for them to pay for my inability to choose whether or not to each at McDonalds, Wendy's, KFC, and all the rest.

While the choice was there, it should have done more to protect me and the millions of people that are obese.

How stupid does that sound?

About as stupid as the guy that is suing the French government for €100k for not preventing him from accessing online poker sites.

He signed up on the list to be banned from all casinos and online gambling sites.

The wrong address was added onto the list, and since he could still register for online poker sites, he did.

Now that he has lost money, he is suing the government for not stopping him from registering.

That is like my doctor telling me I needed to lose weight so I could beat high blood pressure, me not doing anything, and then suing him because I developed heart issues.

Take some personal responsibility people. I have no more room to sue the government for being fat as this idiot does for losing at online poker.

I'm doing something about my problem. It's called losing weight. Novel concept eh?

Maybe the guy in France should take up chess, WoW, or some other game and take some responsibility.

What's next, suing Jack Effel because you get knocked out of the Main Event?

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