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If I could....

19 March 2010, By: Frank Willburn
AlbertEinstein 150x150
AlbertEinstein 150x150

In contests throughout the country, whether they are beauty, scholarship, or any other contest, contestants are often asked the same question.  "If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?"  Usually the contestant gets all mushy and names either mom, dad, grandparent, Jesus, or Gandhi.  Once again on the open road of the Texas Panhandle my mind wandered.  If I could sit down with anyone for poker who would it be? 

     If I took poker players the list is easy.  Doyle, Ivey, Hellmuth, Negreanu, Ungar the list goes on and on.  For this scenario I wanted to list people who aren't in the poker world.  I was curious at who I would want at the table.  For starters I think there are probably a couple different table make ups.  On one table I would have the mathletes.  Players like Einstein, Hawking, DaVinci, and Newton.  The table style, I think, would be very conducive for the likes of David Sklansky and Chris Ferguson.  Everyone would know the exact percentages during the hand, and have their M calculated to the 5 decimal point.  While I'm not a total math geek, I understand a bit.  But I would definitely be out gunned in this scenario.

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  • LeCheese 20/03/2010 11:57am (11 years ago)

    Joey, Johnny, Dee-Dee and Tommy