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I Voted Against Poker

3 November 2010, By: compncards
Voted 300x300
Voted 300x300

Tuesday was election day in the United States. If you were following twitter or listening to different poker personalities, they would have told you to vote for candidates that support poker. I am one of the few players that did not got with that form of thinking and actually voted for the Republican candidate in my district. The Poker Players Alliance actually supported the incumbent, but this is one time I could not vote for poker.

I do love poker. I enjoy the game and all that it has brought me in my life. However, unlike many people, poker does not define who I am as a person and it is not the most important thing in life to me. While I look forward to online poker becoming legal, I knew that my vote was going to be a vote against online poker legalization. Yet, I still voted for the Republican candidate.

There is a lot more going on in our country right now that poker cannot fix. Many states are near or in double digit unemployment. There is a debate over health care legislation that will affect every person, and not in a positive way. Also, in 60 days everyone is going to face a tax increase. The policies of many of those that support online poker are the policies that I feel will keep us in this current situation.

I do not believe that online poker legalization will create a significant influx of new jobs into America. New jobs will be created, but many of those jobs will be overseas. The additional tax revenue from online poker players will be helpful, but with the policies in place, much of that money will go to paying back debts that we continue to pile on with our wayward policies.

This time around, I felt we needed change. The direction we are going is not working and something needed to be sacrificed. Poker was the only reason that I could find to vote for the Democratic candidate in my district. It was not enough. People in this country need to be able to work and support their families. They need the opportunity to gain disposable income so they can play at the casinos and even online. Right now, that is more important than poker.

Yes, I voted against poker and may have helped to put the advance online poker on hold, at least for now. I instead voted to give our country and its citizens a chance to move forward. Let's get the country back on its feet first and worry about poker later.

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  • Slade 04/11/2010 4:36am (10 years ago)

    The fact is that the Republican policies from the early part of this decade were still in place through 2008.(Bush threatened to or did veto every change the Democratic Congress put up.)

    The economy fell apart in 2008 under those same policies. Obama took over in 2009 WHILE THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE WAS RISING BY A HALF PERCENT PER MONTH. Again that's just an easily verifiable fact. We were losing 750,000 per month as well which was causing the large jumps. A few months after they passed the stimulus the unemployment rate stopped rising and we started gaining jobs.

    I can't figure out the logic of going back to the policies of 2008. Maybe you'd like to reconsider.

  • BurnThis 03/11/2010 10:31pm (10 years ago)

    I agree with you 100%. What everyone needs, whether or not they play poker, is more money in their pocket. We need a government that is not opposed to small businesses, entrenpreneurship, and hard work. We can't keep borrowing money and spending money we don't have. The Republican party is more supportive of business and it's business that creates jobs. A war on capitalism is one we'll all lose. So, kudos for having your priorities in order!