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High Stakes Poker on GSN Cancelled

8 December 2011, By: compncards
AJ and Gabe 404x300
AJ and Gabe 404x300

Earlier today, revealed that High Stakes Poker is no longer on the schedule for GSN starting in January.

I told you so!!!

I said back when Norm MacDonald started this year that he would be the death of the show.  (Black Friday obviously helped a little.)

Even without Black Friday, I think this would have been the result. Viewers were running to the hills long before the DOJ laid the smack down.

This doesn't mean I hated the show. To the contrary, this was one of the few poker shows that I tried to follow up until MacBoring took over as the host of the show. Once he took over, it was like listening to a Scott Matusow rant.

Scratch that. On occasion Scott is entertaining.

This show was not just about the poker, but also about the interaction between the players.When Gabe and AJ both hosted the show, they had the right mix for co-hosts. Gabe by himself wasn't bad, but the show was slipping

Sadly, this is the last of the great cash game shows on TV in the US. Chances are that we won't see any others rise up before Congress makes online poker legal in the US. Sometime around 2014.


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