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Hendon Mob Steals My Fire by Changing All-Time Money Lists

1 February 2011, By: compncards
Money List 430x86
Money List 430x86

On Saturday, I wrote a blog on the five reasons that the Poker All-Time Money List is outdated.

I was going to follow-up with a blog that would spell out some changes. However, Hendon Mob beat me to the punch and put out some new lists that met some of these changes.  Now, there are four money lists.

The first is the original list that includes every type of tournament poker cash that a player has earned.  Next, there is a list that includes only open events. 

Open events are those that are identified as having no restrictions to whom enters. The third list excludes all events over $50,000, and the final list only has open events under $50,000.

Looking at these lists, Daniel Negreanu is at the top of all but one list. The all-time list that includes all open events regardless of buy-in has a different leader, and it is not Phil Ivey.

In fact, Erik Seidel is the all-time leader on the list that excludes non-open events but includes events over $50k.
 These events are a great step forward and meet many of my requirements for a list. 

However, there are still a couple of things I would like see added.

First, I would like to see an all-time money list similar to golf that requires that players have a certain number of larger cashes to qualify.  For example, to qualify for the all-time list, you would need 10 cashes of $50,000 or more. Even five cashes at that level may suffice.

My main purpose for this requirement is to keep from skewing the numbers from WSOP Main Event winners that have one single significant cash on their resume. Jamie Gold ranks 4th or better on every all-time list. Take that away, and he only has 2 cashes lifetime over 50k.

Next, I would like to see some type of tracking of actual win/loss in regards to tournament play. All events where a player busts out should count against them in the stats.  In addition, when they do cash, they should credit him with the net proceed won and not include the buy-in. This will help to reveal who really is doing well in tournament poker, and who just looks good on paper.

By the way, the new lists are not perfect. Yesterday, I noticed that Annie Duke's TOC win in 2004 was counted as an open event, as was the 2010 WSOP TOC. Don't be surprised to see numbers on some lists change as corrections are made.

As I said earlier, the new lists are great leaps forward, but there is room for improvement. I do give props to Hendon Mob for taking the initiative and creating the lists.

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