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Has AsianSpa Gone Corporate?

12 April 2012, By: compncards
WWF Corporation
WWF Corporation

A couple of weeks back, I discovered that AsianSpa, a guy I've grown rather fond of following on twitter, had picked up a blog on that other poker related site who happens to deal in news.

I checked out his blog expecting him to call out chumps and give his true opinions on things and found....a blog.

WTF??? Has AsianSpa gone corporate? Has the guy that twitter fans either love to follow or love to hate really been bitten by the poker equivalent of PC?

Outside of a "mild rant" against Quadjacks regarding Thomas Keeling aka SrslySirius, the blog looked nothing like the AsianSpa we know. Even that was tame.

I get it. Spa has to be tame so to make his new boss happy. He has to keep the man happy.

Unfortunately, it seems that the man now has Spa's balls.

I'll bet that if Spa really thinks about it, his blog is not really #SpaApproved.

Am I wrong? Hopefully he proves me wrong an starts "kickin' dicks in" as he says it. There is only so much Daniel ass kissing and tameness that we can take.

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  • Murali 27/06/2012 4:48pm (9 years ago)

    PokerGob / I agree, a bad player may take whevater they think is an edge against any player, subsequently a good player shouldn't take any edge against any player. You're better off taking small edges against stronger opponents than taking what you feel is a small edge against a bad opponent. Good opponents generally don't allow you to take bigger edges so even the smallest opportunity is worth taking against them. However it is unwise to take a small edge against a weak opponent because they will give you larger edges more often. Hope that makes sense.