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Gloria Balding Leaves Poker for.....Virginia?

28 December 2011, By: compncards
Gloria Balding 199x300
Gloria Balding 199x300

Yesterday, I was browsing through my twitter (shameless link placement) and I ran across the following tweet from Gloria Balding:

GloriaJoy Packing like a mad woman to move across the country to Virginia. Countdown T-Minus 4 days.

As a resident of Virginia, the first thing that came to my mind was....what?

Who in their right mind moves from the Los Angeles area

Then I looked through other tweets:

GloriaJoy I have big news: I am going to be the Lead Reporter for the 10 o'clock news at WHSV in Virginia.

Ahhh, career advancement.  I get it now.

For those of you wondering Gloria who....then you obviously don't watch enough poker videos.  She has been a well known poker hostess for years but without a lot of TV exposure, that is until now.

Here are your positives and negatives to a Virginia move:


Career advancement

Cheap land

Less Crime

Redhead population just increased



West Virginia is where your nearest casino towns are

Its the south (well...depends on whether you like southerners)


We do get snow (unless you like snow)

Most places everything closes up by 7 pm.  (Wish I was exaggerating there...)

So congratulations to Gloria for her new job.  Please try not to be too bored.

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