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Full Tilt Poker Now Hiring

4 April 2012, By: compncards
Now Hiring 430x235
Now Hiring 430x235

Now Hiring!! Work for Full Tilt Poker!!

Duties Include:

  • Convincing customers we will not screw them like last time

  • Listening to American players whine about not getting paid

  • Logging complaints about not getting paid by our former employers

  • Ability to withstand being laughed at by other online companies

  • Ability to pay for your bills in the event we run out of money by buying Full Tilt Poker

  • Ability to delay a response for three days to a question that would take 15 seconds to answer.

  • Ability to write cryptic press releases are a plus

  • Monitoring *wink wink* for bots and other activity against our TOS.

  • Willing to take a bullet for us while we run out the back door should we run out of money.

  • Salary if we don't run out of money from the transactions

  • Having your pulse on the poker world and being the main point of contact for the company

  • Sick days, vacation days, days you will do nothing....sorta like our old customer service staff.

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