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Full Tilt Poker and I Seem to Face the Same Problems

16 May 2011, By: compncards

My editor here at PokerJunkie told me to do a blog, and I told him that I would have an announcement about the blog on Sunday.

Well, late Sunday, I sent my boss the following email.

"Since you sent me the email to write a blog for Poker Junkie, I have faced some issues in writing the blog. I worked tirelessly to address these problems and have made significant progress.

"Other parts of the website are running as normal as I focus on figuring out what to write about for this blog. I am totally committed to making sure that the blog is written as soon as possible.

"I apologize for the delay and the time it has taken. I will update you on when the blog will be up when I have more specific information to provide."

My editor replied saying, "Put up the blog by tomorrow, or you're fired."

So here is my blog.

Too bad that Full Tilt Poker can't be fired so that we can ensure the prompt returns of our funds eh? (Yes FTPDoug, your release was BOOshit.)

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