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Friedman a UB Pro? Maybe He Should Reconsider

3 January 2011, By: compncards
Friedman UB Pro 430x271
Friedman UB Pro 430x271

Unless you have been living under a rock, or trapped in an airport over the holidays, you know that Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth have both left UB.  When Hellmuth's departure was announced on December 30th, UB also hinted that new pros would be added to the roster.  Later that night, Allen Kessler pointed out on twitter that Annie Duke's bio page now had Prahlad's Friedman's name on it.  Here is a shot of the page:

With that, everyone has assumed that Friedman has indeed signed a deal with UB.  If this turns out to indeed be true, and all indicators point to this being the case, this will indeed be an interesting turn of events.  If you remember, Friedman was one of the primary people cheated in the Ulimatebet scandal a few years back and Friedman has spoken out publicly against the company, including a recent interview on This Week in Poker.

Daniel Negreanu spoke out against this signing with Micon even begging Friedman to listen to reason.  Negreanu was quick to remind Friedman of how the company had cheated him out of Millions and that the owners were still spending the money he "lost" to them.  Micon reminded  him of the same and also called on others, including Mike Matusow to write Friedman and tell him why he shouldn't sign.

I personally am torn about what to think of this signing.  Most of you know I am not a Prahlad Friedman fan.  With that said, it does seem strange to sign with a company that has clearly cheated you out of Millions.  My knee jerk reaction was that they belong to each other, but that really isn't totally fair.  While Prahlad did act like a jerk to Lisandro and was less than honorable regarding the "call but the hand was dead" incident at the 2010 WSOP, he didn't outright cheat players out of Millions.

If I were a poker pro, UB would be one of the last places that I would consider signing.  With their past history, and their current reputation, you are taking a risk associating yourself with the company.   And it is not like you are signing with a superstar stable of players.  While all of the players are at least competent, they are not the same caliber as PokerStars, Full Tilt, and honestly even Doyle's Room.  The elite of their team have all abandoned ship, and that in itself should be very telling.

Friedman should really reconsider signing with UB.  Why risk making yourself look like a fool and subject yourself to the criticism that will come with the contract?  Listen to Daniel.  Listen to Micon.  Listen to anyone that is giving you reasonable advice in this.  UB can't be his only option, and if it is, not being sponsored isn't the end of the world.

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