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Five Months

18 June 2009, By: compncards

I’ve done a few things this trip to Vegas that I normally do not do. First, I normally do not play any type of table games or any of the games that the house has a huge advantage. However, this trip I decided I would try my hand at some Roulette and I have played a bit of the Big Six wheel spin game. I haven’t bellied up to the blackjack tables yet because I frankly get bored with the game easily. Truth be told, I only play the Big Six to chat up the girl running the wheel.

Anyway, I have noticed a trend in a couple of casinos. It seems that they have a lot of overturn in their pit dealers etc. Maybe it is just the casinos I have been to, but every one I go to, when I ask how long they have been at the casino, the answer has almost always been “five months.” I actually completed one girl’s sentence tonight when I asked the question.

This is the polar opposite of most poker dealers. When I go around, I see primarily the same faces year after year dealing. I talked with one of my dealer buddies at the WSOP and he told me that the market in Vegas is so oversaturated that it is hard to get a regular job as a dealer. Once the big poker tournaments dry up, the pickings are slim.

I almost went to dealer’s school a couple of years ago. Fortunately, my poker mentor outright told me that I would be better off to get a regular job over being a poker dealer. Of course, over time I got into writing about poker, and that turned out much better. (Of course my poker mentor approves because he is a writer too.)

If there are any dealers out there amongst you that would like to chime in as to why there seems to be such a discrepancy regarding dealers in pits vs. dealers in poker, feel free.

Anywho, my trip is beginning to wind down. I may end up heading home early next week as I am really getting a little bit bored out here. Part of it is due to my results, but I will go into that another time. Have fun at the tables.

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