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Epic Poker League Files For Bankruptcy - Cue Negreanu "I Told You So" Blog

29 February 2012, By: compncards
EPL RIP 430x258
EPL RIP 430x258

Federated Sports and Gaming announced today that they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy at the end of the day on Tuesday.

Cue Daniel Negreanu's "I told you so" video blog.

No, he hasn't made one ... yet ... but you know it's coming.

The Epic Poker League was a fantastic concept, but after Black Friday there were few of us that thought it would succeed.

I always supported the league, but I always thought it was iffy at best that they would survive. The business model was not sustainable without some type of major sponsorship or advertising revenue, of which the company had neither.

I applaud the league for their efforts to improve the game but this looks to be another in a long line of poker league failures.

Yes, I realize that Pinnacle may still purchase the company and I hope they do, but for now things don't look good.

Had Black Friday never occurred or if the league was based someone other than in the US, the concept may have worked. Hopefully Pinnacle or another group will step up and purchase, but if that doesn't happen the EPL will join the PPT in the history books.

For the full announcement regarding the Epic Poker League bankruptcy, click here.

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