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Durrrr Not Going to the Hall of Fame but May Get Nice Consolation Prize

9 September 2009, By: compncards
durrr 239x300
durrr 239x300

The ballot for the Poker Hall of Fame is shorter by one name and that is Tom "durrrr" Dwan. According to Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council:

"With all due respect to Mr. Dwan, one of the games most exciting young players, he does not currently meet the criteria for Hall of Fame selection. We wish him well and expect he will again be considered once he has ‘stood the test of time."

They got something right for a change!! I was at first amused when there were reports that durrrr was getting a lot of votes and frankly annoyed that he was actually put on the ballot. Don't get me wrong, Dwan is a great play, but he is not Hall of Fame worthy. Now, if he goes on to win a bunch of major titles and continues to dominate the cash games for a long time, then he will have earned his way in. For now, he is a great player that still has a lot to prove.

According to "Phil Ivey's Facebook", Dwan has been signed as a Full Tilt red pro. I use quotations around "Phil Ivey's Facebook" as it is reported that it is run and updated by Joe Sebok and Amanda Leatherman. So for right now, take this as extra spin from the reports last week that durrrr was in negotiations with Howard Lederer for red pro status.

Personally, I do think red pro status would be great for him. Unlike a lot of "Who the heck is that red pro" on Full Tilt, Dwan's name and image could help Full Tilt.

So ya, I don't think durrrr should be in the Hall of Fame yet, but he should be a red pro.

Now, what are the odds that Ivey can get inducted this year?

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