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Duhamel Gets Sucker Punched and Nobody Cares

17 January 2012, By: compncards
punch in face 377x300
punch in face 377x300

Just read today's Three Bet on Pokerlistings on how German player Martin Finger decided that it was a good idea to sucker punch Jonathan Duhamel in the face.

The post goes on to state that Duhamel "likely deserved" a bit of what he got.  Really, he deserved for someone to intentionally wait for someone to come out of a club so that they could get punched in the face.

And this isn't the first time this guy has gotten aggressive when drinking.  Apparently he got drunk and broke into a restaurant to feed himself back in October.

The worst part about this is that there will likely be very little if any consequences to him for acting like a fool when drunk.

A couple of weeks ago, Matt Glantz wrote a post about "Responsibility in Poker" but one has to wonder if people are taking his words seriously.

My guess is, not really.  How can they take those words seriously when there are no consequences for their actions within the poker world.

John Racener gets three DUI's and other than his legal issues involved, nothing is done within poker to sanction.  Tom Dwan gets on Twitter talking about how he is driving around Las Vegas drunk, and nothing is even mentioned.  Finger punches a guy in the face and it is practically made light of.

Those are just some examples.  While all of us know that heavy drinking and partying is part of the poker culture, there should be some type of consequences to players when they screw up because of it.  Revoke their sponsorship, ban them from playing events, or do something other than post on a blog how they shouldn't punch a guy because it will make him win tournaments.

Is someone going to have to get killed or seriously injured before something is addressed in this area?  I hope not, but it seems that nobody really cares.  Just as long as they show up with their buy-in and keep their nose clean in the poker room, who cares right?

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  • compncards 25/01/2012 4:48am (9 years ago)

    And who still makes more money in poker than you.... Have a nice day!

  • yo 24/01/2012 7:15am (9 years ago)

    Compn, u are a fat pathetic loser with idiotic thoughts regarding poker and poker players

  • compncards 17/01/2012 12:34pm (9 years ago)

    Well anyone that has aggression issues drinking like that German guy clearly does needs to lay off the sauce.

  • Mike 17/01/2012 8:02am (9 years ago)

    kind of overlooking the part where duhamel was drunk and aggressive and thrown out of the club too. has nothing to do with responsibility in poker. has do to with two drunken guys in a fight.