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Daniel C*** Control His Tongue Yet Again

22 August 2010, By: compncards
Duke Negreanu 193x300
Duke Negreanu 193x300

Remember the Ladies Event of the 2010 World Series of Poker? If so, you probably remember it more for the men that played in the event than the women or even the lady who won the event. Daniel Negreanu was recently interviewed by PokerPlayer Magazine and a question was brought up about why the ladies event irked Daniel. He began to talk about the men that played and then turned his attention to Annie Duke. Here is a bit of what he said:

"What irked me is that this woman has the audacity on her website to call herself ‘the best female poker player in the world’. So on one side of the coin she’s fighting for, ‘Oh, we’re all equal, there shouldn’t be any gender thing,’ but when appropriate she decides to call herself the best female poker player in the world.

So I’m like ‘how offensive are you, you f***ing c***? You want to say you’re speaking for women, yet you claim superiority over all of them.’"

Daniel was interviewed by Kimberly Lansing of the WPT at the Legends of Poker and she asked Daniel about this. He claimed that he was talking to someone he knew and never expected this comment to go to print. He then issued what I call a "cover your ass apology" to "women" but not to Annie.

For sake of argument, let's assume Daniel is telling the truth about this topic being private and off the record. First, Daniel has to realize that not everyone in the media, poker and otherwise, is going to keep all "off the record" conversations private. Some people assume that conversations in private are fair game to the general public. Others will use any advantage to gain readership or hits on their site.

Next, why the hell is he insisting on consistently bashing Annie. I understand that some people do not like Annie Duke. I do. There are better ways to go about this than making personal attacks against a person and making slurs against them. And your "apology" was very weak and as I said earlier, you just seemed to be trying to cover your ass. You are a public figure and even a sponsored pro. Show some class.

Finally, I would like to address PokerPlayer Magazine and their apparent need to post Daniel's offensive comment about Annie. What purpose did it serve? Really. Answer me this. In the context of the interview, why did you feel the need of printing "you f**king c***?" You could have just as well printed "So I’m like ‘how offensive are you... You want to say you’re speaking for women, yet you claim superiority over all of them.’" That would have conveyed his sentiments without being vulgar.

In my never to be considered or confused to be humble opinion, I think those three words were printed only for the sake of stirring up shit. They wanted hits, they wanted links, and they wanted people to talk about them. And we are. I think it is a bit pathetic, but we are talking about it.

To Annie's credit, I like how she handled it. Is she bashing him, cursing him, or slandering him? No. This was one of the main reactions she posted on her twitter in regards to fans showing their support and outrage to Daniel's comments.

"Thank you for the support. I was certainly shocked at the language myself. I welcome criticism but not abuse."

While many fans and even companies like controversial players, abusive ones are another matter, especially those that like to take shots at women. I really hope at some point Daniel puts his apparent hatred for Annie to rest, or at least learns how to better control his tongue.

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  • compncards 25/08/2010 5:49pm (11 years ago)


    I agree with you on that. But even if they do a lot of trash talking, they should be smart enough to not do it to someone that may out them and embarrass them to the world.

    I agree that Jen is overall a superior player than Annie. In NL, I think Annie may have an edge. Jennifer hasn't done enough in NL recently for me to say otherwise. But overall, and especially cash games, Jen is easily superior.

  • Pete 25/08/2010 3:16pm (11 years ago)

    Considering all the language you hear from them when the camera is on them, I'd be totally shocked if they didn't say worse when the camera was off. And while I don't know either of them personally, I doubt very much that either party involved is above trash talk of any sort.

    Certainly, the magic 'c' word does offend women intensely (why?: the 'p' word is about the same thing in reference to men, and we barely blink at that). I think it's more about stirring up some controversy and getting hits. And when you think about it, the WSOP and other poker venues that hold 'female only' events are playing into the gender issue themselves and reinforcing differences, as if for some reason women and men need to be segregated on the felt. Are there 'men only' events? No. The reverse should also be true, unless for some insane reason women think they need to be sheltered from the men in a no contact and non-physical contest...and what would that say about women in general then?

    And for the record, I think Jennifer Harman is a far superior player than
    Annie Duke in any event.

  • compncards 23/08/2010 4:36pm (11 years ago)

    That would also be quite normal. But I don't see her going to someone in the media and saying "Daniel is a cocksucker." I think that she would look out for her image too much for that. If not her image, she might be afraid her kids might read it.

  • Nicky Nickname 23/08/2010 9:33am (11 years ago)

    "To Annie’s credit, I like how she handled it. Is she bashing him, cursing him, or slandering him? No."

    Maybe Duke is slandering Negreanu in private. We'll soon find out, I'm sure. ;-)

  • compncards 22/08/2010 10:32pm (11 years ago)

    Unfortunately, no, it is not a joke. I personally think it is a joke the way Daniel acted after it was revealed he said that. Annie can think she is the best female player in the world (which she isn't) and Daniel can disagree. However, there should still be an amount of class shown, especially if you are dealing with the media. Not all of us are going to keep things told to us in private to ourselves. He should have realized that. At the same time, the magazine didn't NEED to print that part either. Disagreement and debate is fine. Abuse is not.

  • tacc 22/08/2010 9:39am (11 years ago)

    I'm forced to ask, is this a joke. Although I agree that ther language used was way over the top the point negranu was making was totally valid IMO. Annie duke is a fantastic player but definately in this case wants her bread buttered on both sides. I wonder if she considers herself even a top 50 player if you include everyone. I agree that having a womens event is totally pointless. The only reason for one would be if you stopped women playing the main event which I think would be terrible how can you differentiate between male and female in a completly non physical game. One of the great things about poker is that everyone is equal at the table, its a community game and should stay that way. I can see why negranu got so heated on the subject because she has been completly hypocritical on this one but seems unable to see that. I think her saying she is the number 1 womens player makes her feel better than saying she is a fairly average pro.

  • john 22/08/2010 8:49am (11 years ago)