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Conviction Parties at the DOJ Underway

20 December 2011, By: compncards

US DOJ 1 - Online Poker 0

Cue "Party at the DOJ"

Brent Beckley pleaded guilty yesterday to conspiracy charges stemming from the Black Friday indictments on April 15th.

Where are the people that claimed that none of the sites or processors would receive jail time?

Where are the people that claimed that the UIGEA was a bad law with no teeth?

The realists among us knew that the Black Friday indictments were not only bad news for the industry but also would likely result in at least some convictions.

Naturally, none of us expect anyone to go away for 30 years or any of the sites to pay close to the fines, but the DOJ is getting their pounds of flesh.

Full Tilt - Gone and soon to be owned by Groupe Bernard Tapie

UB and AP - RIP

PokerStars - Buying their way out of it most likely, yet out of the US

All other US serving poker sites - Praying they don't get the DOJ hammer

Ben Lamb - Still finished 3rd in the Main Event

Beckley will get about 1 to 1 1/2 years in prison in connection to his plea deal, likely in a minimum security prison.

John Campos and Chad Elie are next, or will they cut a deal ahead of time?

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