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Card Memory and Trends

24 April 2010, By: Frank Willburn
bad poker
bad poker

Everyone know that cards have no memory.  Players do.  This why players will continue to play cards they know have no +EV.  For example Johnny Nocards looks down at his hand and sees 8-3 offsuit UTG.  Proper play is to muck these cards with extreme prejudice.  He does so.  The flop comes 8-3-3.  Disgusted Johnny looks toward the heavens.  A couple of rounds later he again looks down at 8-3, remembering the flop he limps in and calls a min raise.  This time the flop comes out A-J-2.  Johnny Nocards check-folds.

Players who have been around the table awhile no better then to think like this.  They know the cards have no memory.  You could flop A-A-A twice and not see it again for 10,000 hands.  Throwing away marginal hands and trash hands, in the long run, is more profitable than limping in and hoping to see the same miraculous flop again. 

Like I said cards have no memory, but I do believe that there can be trends.  Last night in a home game tournament two pair almost always lost.  Straights and flush seemed to hit 2 out of 3 hands.  I myself, no master at the game, began to play my suited connectors and suited paint cards a little more loosely.  Over the span of the game these hands paid me off in huge dividends.  It could also be said I was on a rush.  After reading Super System one of the things that Doyle said that has stuck with me is to let yourself go on a rush.  If you win one hand play the next, if it has not been raised or only a min raise.  This plan worked well for me last night, and seems to work most of the time.


I'm not saying I'm the luckiest guy out there right now, I'm not.  Earlier in the week I was in a tournament and did not win a single hand.  The only positive outcome that night was when the board straighted and we split the pot, we were the only players in and also the blinds so no money won no money lost.   I guess in the end you have to remember the cards have no memory, just because you threw away the winner with 7-2o doesn't mean the next time you see those cards you should commit any money.  But do look for trends.  Sometimes the cards are falling the same way.

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  • Frank 04/05/2010 4:24am (11 years ago)

    Playing long enough you will see good cards and bad cards. I also get pretty mad when it seems all I get is crap. But I also look at poker as one long road. In the end you will probably have just as many good cards as bad and it is how you play them that is important. Sometimes playing rags has its benefits if done well. Just keep on grinding and if you make the right moves it doesn't matter what your cards are.

  • frank williamson 29/04/2010 4:14pm (11 years ago)

    ive been playing on a well known poker site for about four months now
    every game i have entered i have had cards dealt that no sane poker player would play but i have had to as that is all that was being dealt to me apart from one game . from deposit rag cards then entered this
    high value prize money, three stages plus prelim , i suddenly got decent cards which allowed me to get to the final. in the final i was back to rag cards just as suddenly after 2 hours of rags i got Arag suited, called got raised to half my stack,flop 4 cards to the flush got beat on a river pair.
    the next hand was a reproduction of the previouse then out
    .is it typical to get cards that you cannot possibly compete with . with all the raises and reraises and for this to continue in every and i mean every hand with no chance of competeing never mind winning
    talk about being peed off ,