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Can't Wait to Play!

11 June 2010, By: Melissa Castello
mel2009wsop 249x300
mel2009wsop 249x300

Tomorrow is the $1k Ladies No Limit Hold 'em event here at the Rio and I'm all registered and ready to play!

Last year when I played the ladies tournament I started off great doubling up first level with AA vs AK on a K high board and winning a few other pots here and there until late level 2 when my table broke and I got moved to the worst seat in the Amazon room.


I was seat 6 and to my left was a horrendous woman who played any two and I can see why since she was the luckiest person in the world. When I'm at the table I have a hard time sitting still, which I know bothers some people but I cant help it. I'm also about 5'2 so I find it easier to see the table if I sit on my knees. Well the woman on my left couldn't stand it and without mentioning it to me calls the floor over. The floor man tells her I'm not doing anything wrong and allows me to sit the way I was. She disagrees and asks for his supervisor, who gives her the same answer. This lady was NOT happy and kept huffing and making rude comments the rest of the tourney. Some time later I'm UTG and look down at QQ. I raise she flats and everyone folds. Flop: Q 10 9  I bet - she minis - I raise - she shoves - I call. At this point I have her covered but she stops the dealer and throws a fit. She wants me to count out my chips, I say 'Ma'am I have you covered' but she does not want another card dealt until my chips are counted out. After arguing a few minutes and explaining what happening to my boyfriend and my aunt and her friend from Florida who are watching their first WSOP tournament I put out the amount she has. Cards are flipped and the bitch slow rolled me with KJ! Of course she'd flop a straight! By the way she was acting I assumed some type of set over set or at least I hoped for that. I let out 'Fucking Bitch' by mistake and since it wasn't directed at her just more of a frustrated release I didn't receive a penalty. Now I'm sitting with a crippled stack but soon after  hit a set of aces to double up and get back in the game.  I lost some chips when I called a woman's all in with 10 10 vs her AJ and couldn't hold and finally lost the rest when I ran QQ into AA pre-flop. : (

That about sums up my ladies event 2009, I felt like I was getting rigged online but all those hands happened in 4 levels busting me before the dinner break. This year I hope to have an awesome run, I'm obviously due, its time for a ho mow down!!

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