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Brad Daugherty's Bracelet Doesn't Sell - Again

3 August 2011, By: compncards
Daughtery Bracelet 430x286
Daughtery Bracelet 430x286

I just read that 1991 WSOP Main Event Champ Brad Daugherty failed to sell his bracelet yet again on eBay.

He tried to do so in December of last year and it failed to sell.

This time, bids went up to $28,100 and yet it didn't meet whatever reserve he put on the bracelet.

The first thought that came to my head is "What the fuck?"

The bracelet is worth maybe $3k, if that, if you melted it down for scrap gold. What type of reserve did he have on this thing?

Yes, Peter Eastgate got $147k for his 2009 bracelet.

First, Brad Daugherty is no Peter Eastgate. Next, Eastgate's auction was a bit pumped up by those wanting to donate some money to Unicef.

Granted, Daugherty is trying to sell his fairly prestigious Texas Holdem bracelet to raise some money for those stricken with poverty in the Philippines, but he has to realize the relative value of what he is selling.

To me, $28k for that bracelet is a fantastic amount considering it is a 90s Main Event bracelet and it was won by, no offense, a flash in the pan champion.

His largest score after his Main Event win was a $72k score for 15th place in a WPT event in 2004. Besides that, he has no other poker tournament scores over $25k

If he tries this again, he either needs to get a little hype behind it to try and drive up the price or realize that $28k is a great price for a pre-Moneymaker bracelet that does not belong to Chan, Brunson, Hellmuth, Ungar or Moss.

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  • Hector 31/07/2012 4:41pm (9 years ago)

    This guy is a very good cash game player. I play small stekas cash games (i.e. .10-.25 .50-$1) I played these stekas once and got murdered at these stekas because people kept raising and reraising me. He's really teaching me how to play at these blinds. Anyone can criticize him for what he's doing or the moves he made, but the truth is, the only people who criticize are the people that have never experienced that action before. I, for one, tip my hat to this man. Great vid