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Bodog Indicted - Are We Surprised?

28 February 2012, By: compncards
Calvin Ayre 430x293
Calvin Ayre 430x293

By now, most of you know that and its founder Calvin Ayre was indicted as well as three other defendants.

This indictment didn't really shock or surprise me, or really anyone that has followed online poker's legal battle since last year.

The real surprise comes in the fact that it took them 10 months to file this indictment.

My personal opinion regarding this is two-fold. First, the DOJ wanted to go after the major players first and see where those indictments would take them.

As most of you know, the only defendants scheduled to go to trial thus far are Chad Elie and John Campos and they look to be in last-ditch-effort motion mode. In my opinion, if their latest motion fails, expect them to hammer out a plea agreement.

Now that the DOJ is racking up the convictions/plea agreements, they have a track record in their favor to pursue other sites such as Bodog, Merge, etc.

The other reason behind waiting is I believe they were giving the other companies more room to hang themselves. Some operators like Victory Poker were smart enough to get the hell out of Dodge.

Bodog, Merge and others have continued to be defiant and took advantage of the situation to gain more players. In essence, they gave the DOJ more evidence to work against them.

Now the DOJ can also not only use the evidence collected prior to April 15th, 2011 but they can now say that the companies saw the indictments and continued to operate in direct violation of US laws.

There is more to this that concerns me, and some of you that have read the indictment probably know what I mean. Click here to read the indictment.

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