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Bluff's Power 20 vs. My Power 20

7 February 2010, By: compncards
phil ivey2
phil ivey2

Bluff Magazine has released their Poker Power 20. Here is the list:

1. PokerStars

2. Full Tilt Poker

3. Mitch Garber

4. Howard Lederer

5. Ty Stewart

6. Doyle Brunson

7. Joe Cada

8. Barney Frank

9. Tony G

10. Daniel Negreanu

11. Phil Ivey

12. John Pappas

13. Mike Sexton

14. Mori Eskandani

15. Brian Balsbaugh

16. Lance Bradley

17. Joe Sebok

18. Barry Shulman

19. Matt Savage

20. Per Hagen

I wonder what the criteria were for this list. For example, while Poker PROductions is a great company and cranks out quality poker programming, do you really consider Eskandani the 14th most powerful person in poker?

Joe Sebok is in the top 20? Yes, he is part of UB now, but what has he done otherwise?

I think that Full Tilt and Howard Lederer should be combined into the same ranking.

Barney Frank should be in the top five as his work is vital to online poker.

Why is Mike Sexton on this list? Also, why is Joe Cada on this list? Don't get me wrong, I like them both. Joe was kind enough to recently grant me an interview for all you poker junkies, but top 10? MAYBE top 20. Maybe.

This is my list

1. PokerStars

2. Full Tilt Poker

3. Barney Frank

4. Ty Stewart

5. John Pappas

6. Doyle Brunson

7. Phil Ivey

8. Phil Hellmuth

9. durrrr

10. Tony G

11. Mitch Garber

12. Daniel Negreanu

13. Joe Cada

14. Lance Bradley

15. Barry Shulman

16. Brian Balsbaugh

17. Jack Effel

18. Matt Savage

19. Per Hagen

20. TwoPlusTwo Forums

In my list Howard Lederer got consumed by Full Tilt.

Durrrr and Phil Hellmuth have been added to the list. How can durrrr not be in this discussion. As much buzz as he creates when he plays and the drawing power he has both online and on TV, I think he deserves to be on the list.

Why Hellmuth was not on the original list is beyond me.

I also added Jack Effel due to the fact that he is the TD of the WSOP. Say what you will, but the person that runs the biggest show on felt deserves some recognition.

In the 20th spot I put TwoPlusTwo Forums. TwoPlusTwo does provide a service to players and has served to uncover some major controversy over the years. As a result, I think they deserve to be mentioned as a major influence.

What do you think. Were there people that should have been on the list? Say so in the comments. You know you want to.

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  • acesnthhole 13/02/2010 2:57am (11 years ago)

    i agree with you on hellmuth not being on the list.he clearly should be. who came up with this? i know what i seen daniel and ivey both should clearly be in top 5..