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Amarillo Slim Last of a Breed Poker Will Never See Again

30 April 2012, By: compncards
Amarillo Slim 430x286
Amarillo Slim 430x286

On Sunday, the poker world lost one of its legendary road gamblers as Amarillo Slim passed away at the age of 83.

I didn't know Slim and only got to cover him one time, but the one time I did get to cover him at the 2008 WSOP ended up producing a story that was classic Slim.

Most of you know which company I worked with in 2008 covering the event. One of our field reporters, Neal, was easily the tallest guy on our field reporter staff.

Neil had the height and the look of an Indiana Hoosier and if he told you that he played college ball, you would believe him.

Anyway, I was assigned to the Seniors event and Neil was one of the reporters and we noticed that he and Slim had been chatting for quite a while. We didn't know if something was wrong or what as Slim was looking quite serious in his discussion.

Neil came back over to us and told us that "Slim just challenged me to free throws."


Apparently Slim asked Neil if he played basketball and then said that he could take Neil in some free throws. Neil of course politely declined but after he told us the story, we pondered for a while whether we could get the money up to actually see whether Slim would try and take on Neil.

Unfortunately we didn't get very far in our talks so we never got to see Slim take on Neil on the courts.

I know that some of you are not fond of Slim based on his past, and I won't go into that today. Instead I will choose to remember the Slim that tried to find any angle he could to win a bet.

Slim and his kind are truly a breed we may never see the likes of again with the modernization of poker. While many would consider that a good thing, today's players really are not the stuff of legends that Slim, Johnny Moss, and even Doyle were, and to a degree poker is the worse for it.

RIP Slim and remember God doesn't bluff.

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  • PokerStars 16/05/2012 2:15pm (9 years ago)

    RIP Slim, he was one of the finer players of his generation.