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AGCC Revocation Further Exposes Full Tilt's Crooked Policies

30 September 2011, By: compncards
Full Tilt Headstone 430x258
Full Tilt Headstone 430x258

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission earlier today announced that they are revoking the online eGaming licenses of Full Tilt Poker, a move that came as little surprise to anyone that looked at the situation realistically.

What did surprise me is the fact that Full Tilt seemed to lay down and gave up when it came to the hearing.  Per the AGCC's press release and Determination Notice, once Full Tilt's motion to delay the hearing further was denied, they pretty much packed up their ball and went home.

Really?  Your company's future hangs on whether or not your license is revoked and you basically say "screw it, we're outta here?"

That tells me two things.  First, they really did not give a damn about keeping their license.  If they aren't even going to attempt to be part of the proceedings, that shows me a total lack of motivation on their part.  Secondly, the only thing they cared about was pawning off the company to someone else.

I hope the "potential investor" and any future potential investors takes heed to the part of the Determination Notice where Full Tilt asked the AGCC to delay their sanctions and announcement of the license revocation while they continued negotiations.

What were they planning on doing?  "Thanks for buying the company!  By the way, you are no longer licensed."

That last little tidbit makes me lean less toward Full Tilt being a group of idiots and rather a group of crooks.

Seriously?  You wanted to hide the fact you no longer had a license until you sold the company?  If that doesn't spell crooked, I don't know what does.

I applaud the AGCC for taking this step and, in my mind, exposing Full Tilt even further.

RIP Full Tilt.

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