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AC Golden Nugget Opens Poker Room - Do You Care?

5 January 2012, By: compncards
Poker Room Golden Nugget AC 400x300
Poker Room Golden Nugget AC 400x300

Unless you were in Atlantic City or paying VERY close attention to the AC poker scene, you probably didn't know that the Golden Nugget opened a poker room on Christmas Eve.

For those of you looking confused about there being a Golden Nugget in AC, it's where the Trump Marina used to be.

So, I went to the Golden Nugget's website to check out the room, the games and the tournaments and ...

"Poker Room - Opening December 24th!"

Dude ... .it's January 5th now. Update your damn site!!!!

So, where do I go to find out information on the room?

Thankfully, TwoPlusTwo forums actually came up with a useful suggestion. I should check out its Facebook page.

Btw, a Facebook page that is marked with a red chip with an f on it.

There, I see a tournament structure for events that are supposed to run starting January 3rd and a picture of the room from the day before the event.

Since that picture, there has not been a single update regarding the room.

Color me unimpressed.

Atlantic City is already suffering from having very few quality choices to play poker. Most players prefer Borgata, while I have to be an oddball and prefer the Taj.

If you want people to come to your NEW poker room, it would help if you do a little thing called advertise.

From what I have read on 2+2, the room looks to be decent but without autoshufflers.

Those are supposed to be installed next month. Otherwise, there doesn't appear to be anything super impressive about the room as of yet.

I may still go by when I take a trip up there later this month. However, I do have some comped nights due me at the Taj. (Video poker is your friend.)

The moral of today's story is that if you want people to come, give them a reason to come. In the Nugget's case, just give us SOMETHING.

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