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A little too innocent

20 April 2010, By: Frank Willburn
old couple
old couple

I have gotten the opportunity in the last week to play quite a few hands of poker.  Two nights I played in home games and I had a bit of success, and the other two evenings I took part in pub league games.  It was in one of these that really got me thinking. 

Every week at the world famous steak restaurant here in Amarillo, they have  a league game.  The majority of players look to have started receiving Social Security around the time Reagan defeated Carter.  This is not to say that they are not good players.  In fact there are quite a few good players that  I have had the joy to play with over the last several years. 

On the other side of these players are those who "have just learned to play".  On my last hand of the night I had been blinded down to 1 bb.  I looked down at K-10s, and moved all-in another super short stack called and one of these "Naive Nancy" calls.  Of course for about the 15thtime of the night she looks at me and says "I have only been playing for the last 4 weeks"  It is hard for me to see her over the monster stack of chips she  peers over.  With the two of us all in and this big stack the cards get flipped over.  My K-10s faces K-4o and big stack rolls over 8-3 of spades.  Wow a monster.  You can see where this is going.  I flop a 10 dodge the turn, but miracle upon miracle Martha Washington's second-cousin manages to make a flush.

She was not the first person I have ever heard try and tell me they have never played, or just started.  Heck I like to make jokes like that if I am playing at a new venue or there are players I don't know.  But I do not try to hold on to that illusion.  I laugh it off and go on to show them this head is more than just a hat rack.  Oh well I guess there are some out there who will try anything get an advantage.

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