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2010 WSOP November Nine Update - Soi Nguyen out in 9th

6 November 2010, By: compncards
Soi Nguyen 430x237
Soi Nguyen 430x237

The 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event final table, aka the November Nine, is under way and the action has been absolutely insane thus far.  Bruce Buffer kicked off action with his typical "Its Time!" introduction for "shuffle up and deal."  Action was then soon underway.

It did not take a long time for a monster pot to develop.  Joseph Cheong and Matt Jarvis tangled in a huge pot that saw Jarvis lose most of his stack.  He led out until the river when a third club hit the board.  After betting, Cheong moved all-in and Jarvis had to let it go.  We will find out Tuesday what Cheong had.  Personally, I put him on a flush.  After the pot, Jarvis was the short stack of the tournament.

Jason Senti had been steadily chipping up by open shoving a few times.  However, his most recent shove resulted in him nearly doubling up and sending our first player out.  Soi Nguyen moved all-in from the button with Ad-Kc for about 7 Million and Senti made the call with Queens.  The flop fell Q-3-10 to give Senti a set and Nguyen the draw.  The draw failed to hit and Nguyen goes out in 9th.  Ngueyn officially wins $811,823 for 9th, but since he was already paid that in July, his trip to the November Nine results in a payday of $0.

So we are down to 8 players.  Here are the chip leaders at present:

Duhamel           65.5 Million

Dolan               39.5 Million

Cheong            29.7 Million

Racener            24.1 Million

Mizrachi           18.1 Million

Senti                 17.5 Million

Candio             15.1 Million

Jarvis                10.1 Million

I will be back later with more updates from the WSOP Main Event Final table. Stay tuned!

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