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2010 WSOP November Nine Second Update - Jarvis Eliminated and Grinder Takes the Chip Lead

7 November 2010, By: compncards
Mizrachi 430x288
Mizrachi 430x288

Welcome back guys.  If you haven't been following the action on ESPN or some..umm...alternative stream, then you will HAVE to watch this on Tuesday.

We lost one other player in Matt Jarvis, but the way he went out was probably the sickest hand I have seen in a long time.  Essentially, Jonathan Duhamel raised pre-flop with Grinder calling and Jarvis shoving.  Grinder was the only caller and it was Jarvis with nines against the A-Q for Grinder.  Grinder then caught a huge lead with two queens on the flop and the crowd went apeshit  However, the turn fell a nine to apparently pull Jarvis out the fire.  However, this is the "Year of the Grinder" and the river fell the As to give Mizrachi the hand and the send Jarvis out in 8th place.

The other insane involved an all-in pre-flop shove by Jason Senti.  He shoved with Kd-7s and Joseph Cheong called with Ac-9c.  Two diamonds hit the flop with Cheong in the lead.  The turn fell an ace, but it was the Ad.  The river, you guessed it, was the 10d to give Senti an unlikely double up.

The chip leadership has changed drastically since the beginning of the event.  Michael Mizrachi is now the chip leader heading into the dinner break.  Duhamel is 2nd in chips with Dolan and Racener as the short stacks.

I have been following this even via the online stream and the coverage is quite good.  Phil Hellmuth was around for a bit.  Here are some of the best bits so far in the coverage:

"Racener's gum chewing stops when he doesn't have it" (Said during a hand where he stopped chewing gum on the river of a hand that he folded.

Phil Hellmuth saw Cyndi Violette in the audience and said, "Cyndi was in a Playboy spread in the 70's"  Adam Schoenfeld: "You said spread.  Huh huh."

Referring to Filippe Candio's personality at the table, "I believe all displays of emotion are bad for the game."  :-)

After Candio later showed a bluff to Michael Mizrachi, one of the commentators stated, "He caught the nut bluff card."

Players are now on dinner break.  Play should resume around 11:30ish U.S. EST and continue until we get heads-up.  Check back at the end of the day as we will bring you an update on all of the action.

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