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2010 WSOP November Nine - Final Update - Racener and Duhamel to Square off for Bracelet

7 November 2010, By: compncards
November Nine Final 3 430x271
November Nine Final 3 430x271

Before I head into today's final recap, let me suggest that whatever you do, watch the broadcast of this on Tuesday.  This should be one of the best episodes of the WSOP on ESPN in poker history.

Senti Comes Up Short - Dolan Flames Out

Jason Senti made a helluva run to come back from being in last place, but his run finished in 7th place.  As was customary early on in this event, this was another sick beat.  Senti was all-in and behind with A-K against the pocket tens of Joseph Cheong.  The flop fell K-K-Q to give Senti the lead.  However, the turn fell the Jd to give Cheong outs to a straight.  Of course, that straight hit on the river to send Senti out in 7th.  Senti ended up making an extra $540,000 just by moving up two spots.  Impressive.

I predicted that John Dolan would flame out and finish in 6th or 7th, and my prediction came true.  Dolan shoved with Qd-5d and got called with pocket fours from Jonathan Duhamel.  The fours held and then it got interesting.

Mizrachi from First to Fifth

Michael Mizrachi lost a series of pots including doubling up Joseph Cheong and nearly doubling up John Racener.  He spiraled down to the short stack and then shoved on a queen high flop holding Q-8.  Unfortunately for him, Duhamel woke up with pocket aces and that was all she wrote for the grinder.  Michael Mizrachi makes me two for two with my predictions and is busted in 5th.

Filippe Candio was short and shoved with Kd-Qd and Joseph Cheong called with A-3.  Cheong caught an ace on the flop and wound up making a wheel by the river to send the first ever Italian born final table participant to the rail in 4th.

Worst Blowup EVER!

At this point, Joseph Cheong was in the chip lead slightly over Jonathan Duhamel and John Racener was looking likely to bust in 3rd.  He had around 30 Million in chips while the other two hovered around 90 Million.  All that changed in one hand.  A raising war ensued between Cheong and Duhamel and when the smoke cleared, Cheong shoved with As-7h.  You read that correctly, he shoved with A-7.  Duhamel did not take long to call with his POCKET QUEENS.  The board ran out all baby cards and Jonathan Duhamel was the massive  chip leader with 177.6 Million.  This was the largest single pot in the history of the World Series of Poker.

Cheong was down to just 6.75 Million after the hand.  He did manage a double up and to win a couple hands where he shoved, but his comeback didn't last long.  He was finally all-in with Qs-10c against the As-2c of Duhamel.  The flop gave Cheong a gutshot straight draw, but that is all he would get.  Joseph Cheong has the largest blowup in the history of the WSOP and is out in 3rd place.

There Can Be Only One

So, this ends up setting up the matchup that I had predicted just a couple days ago.  It will be Jonathan Duhamel against John Racener.  Duhamel will take a 5 to 1 chip lead into heads-up play with 188.95 Million to the 30.75 Million of Racener.

This final table has been outstanding and all of you should go watch it on Tuesday.  In regards to Monday's heads-up match, Racener has a long road to hoe, but he does have the experience to do so.  He will have to get a little creative I think to have a chance to fulfill my prediction of his winning the Main Event.  However, as this day has proven, anything is possible at the WSOP Main Event.

This November Nine final table has been, in my never to be considered or confused to be a humble opinion, to be on of the greatest ever.  If you are a fan of poker and high drama, this is one program to watch.  In fact, after watching this, I hope my final prediction of ratings dropping for this event does not come true because the table is that good.

I will be back Monday night as they play for the bracelet.  Will John Racener make a historic comeback or will Jonathan Duhamel make his Joe Namath style prediction of a guaranteed win come to a reality.  Stay tuned to as we bring you coverage and recaps of the 2010 WSOP Main Event final table.

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