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Leaving Atlantic City

6 August 2009 , By: compncards
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Tuesday, I wrapped up what turned out to be close to two weeks in Atlantic City. Most of my time up there was playing in low stakes poker games. I turned a profit for the total trip combined, which was a nice change from the last couple of visits to Atlantic City. Granted, my other trips were not huge losses, but I still prefer to turn a profit.
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Five Months

18 June 2009 , By: compncards
I’ve done a few things this trip to Vegas that I normally do not do. First, I normally do not play any type of table games or any of the games that the house has a huge advantage. However, this trip I decided I would try my hand at some Roulette and I have played a bit of the Big Six wheel spin game. I haven’t bellied up to the blackjack tables yet because I frankly get bored with the game easily.
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Lady's Poker Journal

3 12 June 2009 , By: Lady Junkie
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Dear Gentleman Poker Players; It was only a short time ago when we were not common place in your smoke filled basement rooms laced with testosterone where you patted our behinds for bringing your drinks and lighting your cigars. The women of your time who dared face you down and pronounced the courage to sit at a table and endure your disparaging remarks and stares paved the way for a new generation of women poker players. When the poker boom rocketed women into poker you called us names, accused us of belonging to “man hating clubs” and had a tough time accepting that the person playing next to you was not part of the good old boys club but actually someone who could have been your mother/sister/teacher or grandmother. You forced many into an online life of solitude, pretending to be a man to avoid confrontation.

Top 5 Crazy Poker Hands

6 May 2009 , By: Charlie River
*When poker gets crazy, it gets really crazy. Those are my favorite crazy poker hands caught on video. Some are crazy out of pure chance, and in some it's the players who make really crazy moves. * Quads vs.
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