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Can't Wait to Play!

11 June 2010 , By: Melissa Castello
mel2009wsop 249x300
Tomorrow is the $1k Ladies No Limit Hold 'em event here at the Rio and I'm all registered and ready to play! Last year when I played the ladies tournament I started off great doubling up first level with AA vs AK on a K high board and winning a few other pots here and there until late level 2 when my table broke and I got moved to the worst seat in the Amazon room.   I was seat 6 and to my left was a horrendous woman who played any two and I can see why since she was the luckiest person in the world. When I'm at the table I have a hard time sitting still, which I know bothers some people but I cant help it. I'm also about 5'2 so I find it easier to see the table if I sit on my knees.


2 June 2010 , By: Melissa Castello
Nicaragua 2010 014 400x300
Yikes so in the last 30 days that has been my schedule! LA to Denver to Vegas and back home, pack, Houston to Nicaragua and back home again to pack and head to the WSOP. I'm getting a late start on Vegas but the Nicaragua trip was well worth it. Nicaragua was my first non-poker related trip in almost 3 years! Aside of course from a weekend home to visit fam or friends. What do I do while in Nicaragua? Surf, volcano board, eat $8 lobster, drink $1 beers, and of course find the biggest poker fanatics in the country and play in their home game.

I have arrived

1 29 May 2010 , By: Frank Willburn
Well my plane landed here in Las Vegas with no problems.   We got our rental car and drove out to the house.   I am staying in a house this time around instead of the hotels.   Its a great house and I think I will be much more comfortable  and relaxed here.

The Journey Begins

28 May 2010 , By: Frank Willburn
Well here I go.   Today is the day that I leave for Las Vegas and the Series.   My trip will not be like Comp's.   I am flying and it is but a two hour flight from Amarillo to Sin City.
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