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Poker Junkie Op-Ed: Negreanu Will Keep Spewing Hate

24 February 2012, By:
Outspoken poker pro Daniel Negreanu came out with yet another video blog this week talking angrily about the Full Tilt Poker mess.
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Outspoken poker pro Daniel Negreanu came out with yet another video blog this week talking angrily about the Full Tilt Poker mess.

While addressing Doyle Brunson's most recent blog post, Negreanu has continued to spew hatred and even suggest violence against the owner and board members of Full Tilt Poker.

Poker Junkie blogger Compncards tell us why Daniel continues to talk about Full Tilt in this manner and why the poker populace continues to tolerate it.

Full Tilt's Silence is Actually Unacceptable

Almost since day one of this debacle, the key shareholders of Full Tilt have remained silent. First they kept silent after Black Friday, other than a few press releases.

Following the modified indictments, they continued their silence outside of a few more generic press releases telling us that a press release about a future press release may be released soon.

There hasn't been even a hint of an apology or an explanation from the company, and it has been past time for them to talk for a while.

While I don't agree with talking a baseball bat to the crotch of Lederer, Bitar, etc, I do agree that remaining silent is unacceptable.

Daniel Keeps Playing Well

The main reason Negreanu gets away with making statements like he does without significant backlash is simply that he keeps making money in the game.

All you need to do is look at pro sports to see how tolerant sports fans are with all stars. When an outspoken player such as Terrell Owens plays well, his outbursts were "TO being TO."

Once he stopped performing, teams stopped tolerating him and he no longer has a job in the NFL.

If Negreanu was someone who had one or two significant scores and not someone who has averaged nearly a million a year for his entire career, I expect people would not be so tolerant.

We Feed His Ego

As long as we continue to feed his ego, Daniel will continue to spout out hate like this towards Full Tilt, Annie Duke and whomever else he deems needs it.

It's obvious that PokerStars isn't doing anything to convince him to curb his tongue, so what else is there? Don't even make me laugh with mentioning the EPL ethics board.

When Negreanu goes on a rant like he has the last couple of weeks, it becomes big news. Everyone reports on it and tens of thousands of people flock to see what he says.

Some people look at Negreanu as a "truth speaker" and others look at him like a self-centered ego maniac.  Personally, I look at him as somewhere right in the middle.

Then again, that describes a lot of poker players and not just Negreanu. As long as we continue to write about everything that he says, and as long as there are no consequences for him to pay for his words, he'll continue doing so.

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