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28 March 2012, By:
Last week, Daniel Negreanu was banned from the 2+2 forums for 24 hours after posting his v-log that had clear and blatant advertising.
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Last week, Daniel Negreanu was banned from the 2+2 forums for 24 hours after posting his v-log that had clear and blatant advertising.

The banning caused a firestorm of controversy that carried on through the weekend.

Poker Junkie blogger Compncards wonders whether or not this was a legit banning or possibly a publicity stunt and when 2+2 became mIRC.

Banning or Publicity Stunt?

I don't believe that there is any other poker player in the game that could stir up more controversy without playing a single hand of poker than Daniel Negreanu.

As many of you know, Daniel was banned last week on 2+2 for exactly one day after "spamming" in a thread.

The spam was posting his v-log that has blatant advertising for the new iSeries Negreanu is a part of at the beginning.

This coming from the site that shills several sites in their theme.

However, after the banning there were numerous threads posted on the site that produced a combined 100,000 views.

Combine that with all the media coverage it received as well as the multitude of tweets, Facebook posts, etc and 2+2 ended receiving the type of publicity that people would die to get.

Good publicity or bad publicity, it still got viewers to the site and that is never a bad thing.

So was this really a banning or a glorified publicity stunt? No, I am really not insinuating that 2+2 and Negreanu set this up for the mutual benefits of both parties.

However, if this was some type of work (gratuitous wrestling reference), then they should think of doing this more in the future.

Maybe we can find a way to get durrrr banned from 2+2. Or better still, let's ban Chainsaw.

I can see the "Free Chainsaw!" threads now.

Can We All Just ... Grow The Hell Up!

Seriously folks? There were 100,000 views on a thread about a banning on a web forum?

Daniel really went on QuadJacks to give an interview about a banning? He really argued the TOS of a web forum because he got banned?

Really? When did this become mIRC?

This whole scenario reminds me of the infancy of the internet when someone's banning from a channel on mIRC was grounds for major protests by other users because of the injustice of not being able to type to other people on a chat room.

Granted, 2+2 is the biggest poker forum in the world, but it is not the ONLY forum.

Also, whatever happened to Negreanu's own official forum? If 2+2 bans you, screw them and post on your own forum.

That is what many of the emotionally secure people did on mIRC. That is until they got a life and did something other than chat on the internet.

Most of us are no longer in high school, so why must we act like teenagers in regards to things like this?

It is a web forum. You got banned. I'd say that nobody really cares, but 100,000 viewers would disagree with me.

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