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Frank is Gone But Online Poker Not Forgotten

30 November 2011, By:
Barney Frank, easily online poker's most ardent supporter in Congress, announced on Monday that he is retiring.
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How does his departure affect online poker's legalization and regulation?

Pokerjunkie blogger Compncards tackles that question.

Poker Loses Biggest Voice But Not Biggest Influence

Many that read the announcement of Barney Frank's retirement responded with a degree of sadness mixed with fear that the online poker issue would die out.

However, players and fans of the game should not worry so much and pay attention to the influence of Texas Republican Joe Barton.

The current Barton Bill in congress has, in all practical terms, gotten much more play than any of the bills that Frank ever devised.

Frank's bill's never resulted in Congressional hearings to investigate the feasibility of the issue.

Barton clearly has thrown his political weight around enough to get Congressional players talking.

Indian tribes are also taking notice. And if the Indian tribes are actually considering this a threat, it has some legs folks.

While poker may have lost its biggest voice, it may have picked up someone with the pull to actually get the job done.

Frank's Work Will Ultimately Lead to Legalization

Barney Frank was never able to get a bill through Congress to legislate and regulate poker.

While that is sad, his work should not be discredited.

Frank spent a sizable amount of time getting the issues around online poker and online gaming in general in the minds of Congress.

His influence helped to shape the opinions of many that now openly support online poker legislation.

Frank helped lay the groundwork that has led to the current bills in Congress.

Ultimately, his work will have played a small part in USA online poker finally becoming regulated.

A final note: Don't get upset because Frank stated he would not continue to lobby for online poker's cause.

He may just see this as a time to let other, younger politicians with more pull and potential years of service left to take on the battle he wasn't quite able to win.

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