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Balanced Schedule Will Mean Busy WSOP 2012

3 February 2012, By:
The 2012 World Series of Poker schedule came out on Wednesday and the internet is abuzz with anticipation.
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The 2012 World Series of Poker schedule came out on Wednesday and the internet is abuzz with anticipation.

PokerJunkie blogger Compncards tells us why this could be one of the best schedules in WSOP history and why you may see even larger crowds than last year.

Great Balance in Schedule

Every year when I take a look at the WSOP schedule, the first thing I do is check to see if the series is actually well balanced or it's just the "World Series of No-Limit Texas Hold'em."

This year, there are exactly 30 out of 61 bracelet events that are exclusively No-Limit Hold'em - or less than half.

My total number of events includes the non-open events like the Seniors event and I also don't count the mixed Hold'em or the HO events as NLHE as they are not "exclusively" No-Limit events.

Most of you I know couldn't care less about non-Hold'em events, but for many those events are their best shot for a bracelet and some of us would rather not put up $1,500 or more in an event where someone can get lucky and eliminate us in one hand.

Fewer $10k Events is a Good Thing

The WSOP has the right idea about reducing the number of $10k events on the schedule.

The $10k Stud, $10k Stud 8 and $10k Omaha 8 or Better have all been reduced to $5k events.

This should help with overall numbers as many have been stagnant in growth.

I would go as far as to say that the $10k 2-7 and $10k PL Hold'em events could also be reduced in future events.

The $10k Heads-Up NL, $10k PLO Championship, the $10k HORSE and the Main Event are the best events to keep at a $10k buy-in.

While I like the $10k HORSE, if that one doesn't show some life this year or next in regards to growth, you might want to drop that one back as well.

Non-Bracelet Events Great Idea But too Late in Schedule

There will be 2 non-bracelet events this year in the Doubles NL Hold'em and Bracelet Bounty Event.

Both events are $560 and should be fun events to play in. Also, it's a great way to reintroduce the Doubles event into the fold.

With that said, the first event isn't until June 30th.

Seems like they could have put one of these events earlier in the series to help hype that part of the schedule.

Next year, either consider spreading the two events further apart or add another event or two.

I feel comfortable in saying that these events will do very well.

Mixed and Non-Hold'em Events Should Get a Nice Bump This Year

While many are talking about the new Four-Handed NL Event or $3k HO event, I feel that this year's "creative scheduling" should be pointed out.

Last year, several pointed out that some of the record numbers in events was due to "creative scheduling by the WSOP."

For those that still don't get it, we mean that they scheduled events in such a way that they were nearly guaranteed to succeed.

Personally, I think that is a great thing and what they are paid to do. If you can influence attendance by mucking with the schedule, do it.

This year, I think the mixed events and non-Hold'em events are going to benefit by this type of scheduling.

I'm looking at the schedule and there are several things that stick out.

  • The $1.5k Stud 8 is on a day with the $3k HO event. That should bump the numbers for the Stud 8.
  • The $1.5k Stud is on the same day as the $5k NL Mixed Max event. That should help numbers.
  • The $1.5k Omaha 8 or Better is on a friday and is the only event that day. A new record for attendance maybe?
  • My personal favorite event, the $1,500 Limit Hold'em is on the same day as the $10k Heads-up. Another potential bump in numbers.

Ok, that last one is a Hold'em event, but my point remains. This year's schedule will benefit the mixed event numbers.

How much they benefit will remain to be seen, but I think you will see solid growth in the games overall.

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