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WWWWWH with AsianSpa

17 January 2012, By:
If you're a big fan of poker and follow players on Twitter, chances are you've heard of @AsianSpa.
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If you're a big fan of poker and follow players on Twitter, chances are you've heard of @AsianSpa.

Calling himself poker's "Truth Speaker," Spa has a history of speaking his mind and pissing off poker players in the meanwhile.

Compncards arranged an exclusive interview with the man known as AsianSpa and he's this week's WWWWH subject.

PJ: When did you first get started in poker and what is your role right now?

AS: During my college days at Northwestern, it was during the poker boom of 2003, I started playing home game sit n gos and 1/2 NL.

After graduating and working in the family business for a few years, I told my parents I wanted to move to Las Vegas start my own business. With their encouragement and financial support I moved to Las Vegas.

I looked into numerous businesses and during a visit from old college friends we happened upon a massage parlor at 3am.

I saw how many there were and how busy they were and it being primarily a cash business I said this is right in my wheel house.

After initial disapproval from the parents, they said "research it and know everything about the business and if that's what you want ok." So I spent 6 months meeting with people, attorneys, the city and property owners.

After everything I opened Asian Spa in 2007 and ran the business till I sold the business after the WSOP in 2010 to play poker full time.

PJ: How effective do you feel that recent developments will be in getting players back online and playing poker like pre-Black Friday?

AS: I don't think we will see state wide online poker sites legalized in Nevada this year 2012.

I think the Washington Bureaucrats will drag this shit out till after the election and hopefully in 2013 we will be able to play again online.

I don't think online poker will ever be the same as pre-black Friday! I have a feeling it will be like the Power Ball where states join other states and that is what I think.

Those were the days, get up to work if you want all without having to go out and leave the condo to find a live game.

But times change and I wasn't willing to relocate and across I-15 from Panorama the poker mecca awaits

PJ: Who in your view are the worst culprits from the companies indicted on Black Friday that are now defunct?

AS: This is very simple for me, Howard Lederer.

I have been very vocal on Twitter about this. He fleeced us as players and lived and still lives the good life on OUR MONEY!

I hope to run into him in public I promise you this, I will flat out call him out and embarrass him. That's a promise!

PJ: What is "Bad Juju" and how is it so effective?

AS: #BadJuJu is a curse of negative energy placed on a person or object.

It works by willing negative energy upon something or someone. As your readers know I have placed #BadJuJu on Jeff Madsen aka @JeffMadsenobv for over 2 years and he has been less than successful on the poker felt.

On the other side, I give positive energy and its called "#SpaRunGood & #GoodJuJu " and I like to give it out to fellow players who support me and #TeamSpa.

Lee Childs, Matt Glantz, Todd Witteles and many others believe in the power of it!

PJ: When did you decide to come up with the "AsianSpa" persona and why?

AS: During the WSOP in 2009 I made a Twitter account and didn't want to use my name on it so I used my business name.

I made the account initially to follow fellow players, but fairly quick I had to speak up and call certain people out for their nonsense.

I decided to become the self proclaimed #TruthSpeakerOfPoker and right the wrongs and call out clowns in poker!

PJ: Why do you so feel so many people follow you, including those that love to hate you?

AS: Honestly I feel people enjoy that I speak the truth and I am willing to flame someone.

I do get a tremendous amount of direct messages and have a lot of followers who laugh at my tweets and comment them to me in direct messages but wouldn't publicly say anything to me!

I had the #CockSuckerOfPoker aka @Phil_Hellmuth follow me for 10 minutes one evening while he was at dinner with a group of friends who follow me and I began to flame him, he started to follow and I blocked him giving him the reason as no #AssClowns are welcome!

The complete Mizrachi family has blocked me even though I life coached The Grinder before the he went on a terror at the WSOP.

I get him back on his game and some jingle in his pocket again and he blocks me! Go Figure.

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