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WWWWWH with Jared Hubbard

9 January 2012, By:
This week we begin a new series of interviews on Poker Junkie where we get the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How from various players and industry figures.
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This week we begin a new series of interviews on Poker Junkie where we get the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How from various players and industry figures.

Our first interview is Lock Poker pro Jared Hubbard.

Jared used to be the top-ranked six-handed No-Limit Holdem SNG player in the world, but now makes a living primarily at the Heads-Up NL tables online.

Jared made headlines back in October after taking down the Fall Poker Classic at the Canterbury Card Club in Shakopee, MN for $70,769.

Poker Junkie: So when did you begin playing poker?

Jared Hubbard: I began playing some dealer's choice home games with friends in high school but never really anything serious until I started playing poker online around 2006.

Within about a year I decided to quit my job and poker became my only source of income while I was in college.

PJ: What are your favorite games and specialties?

JH: I used to specialize in six-person NL SNGs but currently play mostly HU NL SNGs.

I think MTTs can be a lot of fun but when I'm playing online I like to be able to start and stop when I want, and I usually have more non-poker stuff going on during weekends when most of the big MTTs are held.

I'm trying to start playing the occasional live poker tournament in Minnesota when it fits my schedule though.

PJ: Who are some players that you currently look up to in the poker world or ones that have really helped you with your game?

JH: Mersenneary and HokieGreg have helped tremendously in easing my transition from 6 person SNGs to HU SNGs.

I also like Phil Galfond's philosophies.

Although he doesn't play the same games as I do, much of his thought process can be implemented into my games.

PJ: Where can we expect to see you playing in 2012?

JH: Online I will be playing exclusively on Lock Poker, & mostly HU SNGs.

Otherwise I'll play the occasional $1K live event in Minnesota & maybe some WSOP events or other high buy-in live events.

The vast majority of my play will be online poker though.

PJ: Why did you decide to become a poker pro as opposed to taking another career path?

JH: With the money I was making it was a no brainer.

Not only would I not be able to make nearly as much money at another job, but I wouldn't have the freedom of scheduling that I do as a professional poker player.

Also, perhaps most importantly, I enjoy playing poker very much, far more than I would enjoy another job.

My job is a hobby to millions and millions of people. I don't really know of anybody that does accounting for a hobby.

PJ: How long do you think it can take a player in the modern era of poker to develop into a strong player?

JH: With all of the resources available today I think a pretty intelligent, motivated person could probably go from complete poker n00b to successful professional poker player in 6 months or less.

They would definitely need the free time to do it though, and they might have to tone down their social life during that time.

However, they can make up for that lost time with friends and family later when they make their own schedule as a professional poker player.

Obviously it would be much tougher for a parent that's already working 40+ hours per week at their current job.

That's one of the main reasons why most successful players these days are in their 20s.

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