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PokerStars Double Bubble Events to Pay 50 Percent of Fields

27 August 2014, By: compncards
Double Bubble 384x300
Double Bubble 384x300

PokerStars has decided to introduce a new concept at the 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Two of their tournaments will pay approximately 50 percent of the field in what they are calling "Double Bubble" tournaments.

For example, an event that pays 40 spots will now pay 80 spots. The additional 40 spots will get their buy-in back and continue to play for the money in the top 40 spots.

Players that are in the second bubble will get their buy-in back immediately at the table and don't have to worry about going through the cage.

My first reaction to reading this was.....isn't this basically Bubble Protection? Remember that? You buy insurance to get your buy-in back if you busted near the bubble. Seems PokerStars is taking it a step further and not charging for it.

As a tournament player, I like this concept. There are certainly going to be pros that argue that the money should go into the standard prize pool, but we're not all pro players.

It frankly sucks to get deep in a poker tournament and fall short. You can look back and say "I outlasted 500 players" but if you fall 10 players short of the money, its the same as busting out in the first hour.

This way, players near the bubble walk away with something to show for their trouble. Breaking even isn't the most desirable result, but it isn't a loss and that's money you can use for another event.

I like this concept and am interested to see how it is received at the PCA and how long it takes to become incorporated into the PokerStars client.

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