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Plenty of Fish in the Stud 8 Pool

20 April 2009, By: compncards

If you want a game that can be truly a table of fish, then you need to sit in a Stud 8 or Better game.

Stud 8 or Better is known as stud hi-lo split.  The best five card hand wins half the pot, while a qualifying low hand gets the other hand.  A qualifying low hand is five unique cards eight and lower.

Straights and flushes do not hurt your hand.  If there isn't a low hand, the high hand scoops.

I love this game because so many players want to chase after hands that are strong in only one direction.  My favorite players are those that take big pairs, such as kings, against hands that are drawing low.

The low hand has the possibility of backing into a high hand, such as when a 3 card low flush hits it's flush and low.  The same is true when a three low straight backs into a straight and low.

Also, many people do not keep proper track of their outs in this game.  As a result, they end up chasing hands with a low percentage of hitting.  Chasing is a big problem for bad Stud 8 players.

Many will chase, hoping to hit the high hand or they are chasing a low hand with few outs.  The good players profit when chasers miss.  This happens much more frequently in Stud 8 than even Holdem.

If you are interested in learning more about the game, there are a couple of books on the game that are great.  Andy Nelson has a great introductory book on the game called Poker: Seven Card Stud High-Low Split.

Ray Zee has a book on both Stud 8 or Better and Omaha 8 or Better.   There is also a great section in Super System 2 written by Todd Brunson on the game.  These are great resources for you to work on your Stud 8 game.

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