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They Had to Get Lucky to Beat Me

15 September 2009 , By: compncards
"I keep losing via suckouts. " How many times have you been at a table, played your heart out and then either lose a huge hand or are all-in and ahead only to have the player suck out on you? For many of us, more times than we can count or remember. Do you ever consider that this is a good thing? If you are in a game and the only way that you are losing or being beat is via someone getting lucky, then you are playing very well. Let me give you an example from the 2009 WSOP.
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Matt Damon Discussing Rounders 2

2 7 July 2009 , By: Charlie River
Rounders ended on a positive note - Mike McD leaving NY and his law studies for Las Vegas and a shot at the ultimate poker glory. What happened next? Maybe we'll know one day soon, if Rounders gets a sequel. In this video interview from the WSOP Ante Up for Africa tournament, Matt Damon mentions the word *sequel* in connection with Rounders (one minute into the clip). "I told (Brian) Koppelman and (David) Levien, the writers of Rounders, that we should be in Costa Rica making Rounders 2.

Plenty of Fish in the Stud 8 Pool

2 20 April 2009 , By: compncards
If you want a game that can be truly a table of fish, then you need to sit in a Stud 8 or Better game. Stud 8 or Better is known as stud hi-lo split.   The best five card hand wins half the pot, while a qualifying low hand gets the other hand.   A qualifying low hand is five unique cards eight and lower.