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Poker Chips at - Review

15 May 2008, By:
User Review: Poker Chips at
Submitted by: PokerJunkie Team
Score: 4.8

If you want to give your home game that little extra, the value of a set of really nice poker chips cannot be overrated. At there are loads of really, really nice poker chips.

The available chip lines range from the very finest clay Protégé Clay Poker Chips and Le Paulson Noir chips to low range plastics, and also include the cool square plaques often used for high denomination chips in European casinos (as seen in the Casino Royale movie).

You can even design your own chips in the on-site poker chip designer. Loads of tiny details on every chip can be specified, and you can have pictures of your own design printed in the middle of the chips.

To help you put together a truly unique line of chips, offers a Design Package including 90 minutes of "back and forth" design services with the site's illustrator.

The site is also a huge resource for information on everything poker chips. In all humility they call this part The Poker Chip University =)


- Good choice of poker chips
- Custom Chip Design Tool
- Trustworthy provider


- The range of ready-made chips is not as huge as at some other sites


This is a very serious and knowledgeable provider of poker chips. Their claim at being "a little more upfront about what we're selling" than som e other sites seems to hold good.

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