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Tiffany Michelle - Political Expert?

26 January 2010, By: compncards
Fox News
Fox News

Fox News, what were you thinking? Seriously? You wanted to get a professional gambler for your segment of Barack Obama pushing a bad hand and the best you came up with is...Tiffany Michelle?

The choice in "gambler" I must admit baffles me a bit, at least in this subject. I thought that Howard Lederer would have made a better guest in a spot like this. And as you might expect, this was very cliché filled interview.

However, I will give Tiffany Michelle credit. She did more or less break down the whole issue appropriately into a poker metaphor. I especially like how she mentioned that Scott Brown was a "bad beat to President Obama." Then again, I am not a fan of the President. But that is another matter entirely.

Mr. President, fold your hand and focus on getting us more jobs. More jobs = more people making money = more people that can afford health care. That's ABC politics, in my never to be considered or confused to be a HUMBLE opinion.

Head over to Fox News to watch the video.

Thanks to Bryan Micon for making fun of this clip and making me aware of it.

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