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The Origins of Poker: Myths and Facts (Part II)

18 May 2010, By: foldsworth
strongman 2
strongman 2

You have probably been waiting for the follow-up on my revolutionary study aimed at shedding light on the mysteries surrounding poker’s early days. Today I proudly present to you the second part in this very long, multi-part essay.

Part I of The Origins of Poker left off after the sacking of Babylon. A tribe of traveling hippies on a pilgrimage to central Asia in honor of Ma Gu, the goddess of Hemp, saved the knowledge of Poker from being lost forever. However, hippies weren’t particularly popular in ancient times either.  Shortly after entering the outskirts of Scythia, the records say, they were captured and summarily executed by a local strongman.

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Kublai Kahn: As portrayed by a distinctly Asian-looking Brian Dennehy

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