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OFFICIAL: “Poker is indeed a mind-sport”

30 April 2010, By: Charlie River

We've reported on this before, both in the news section and in a blog. But at the time it was more of a desperate hope than an actual fact.

Now it's a fact.

The International Mind Sport Association has officially recognized poker as a mind sport alongside other mind sports such as chess and bridge.

IMSA President Jose Damiani said the magic words (in bold) after a meeting in Dubai:

"œI am delighted to welcome the International Federation of Poker into membership of IMSA. Poker'™s participation alongside bridge, chess and other mind sports in the annual IMSA events will demonstrate to the world that poker is indeed a mind-sport of strategic skill."

Founder of the International Federation of Poker, Anthony Holden, obviously welcomes the development. And he spills some extremely exciting facts:

"œPoker will now form part of IMSA'™s World Mind Sports Games, due to be held in the UK in 2012 alongside the London Olympics. And next year IFP will be launching poker's first annual world championships, both team and individual."

For a poker lover, this is so huge it makes the blog format feel way too small. The limited space feels like a suffocating straight jacket.

And it feels good.


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