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We're Back!

6 March 2014, By: compncards

The reports of this blog's death have been greatly exaggerated. I'm happy to announce that I have returned to regular blogging duties on

I have received several questions over the last year or so regarding my lack of posting and I will address them in my "Compncards Return FAQ."

1. Did you sell PokerJunkie?

First, I don't "own" this site. I have been a contributor for many years, but I am just a cog in the wheel. Not an actual cog mind you as I don't fight the Power Rangers.

2. Why did PokerJunkie let you go?

PokerJunkie never let me go. Actually, I have been writing regular news articles for the site, just not the blog.

3. What limits are you playing? What's your bankroll?

This question assumes I play online poker or live in a casino town. Unfortunately, neither is true. As I am not in Nevada or New Jersey, I do not play online poker at present. I was on Lock but the games I preferred dried up.

What's a bankroll?

4. Is the Redhead of the Month coming back?

Is Phil Hellmuth bad at non-Hold'em games? Wait, he won a Razz bracelet? Yes, it will be back.

5. Why restart the blog after so long?

Well, I first started out by writing a letter a week asking for funding. Then after about six month, I received a check for $500 for the library with a note saying that they hoped the check would settle the matter. I then started sending two letters a week.

Wait, that's Shawshank Redemption. However, the story is similar. I basically pestered them until they relented. The fact that Neil Channing won a blogging award after not blogging for nine months might have influenced the decision.

6. Can I talk to you about Jesus?

You have information on the whereabouts of Chris Ferguson? Sure, let's chat.

As always, you can expect me to give my opinion on all things poker and beyond. In honor of the PokerJunkie blog's epic "comeback", we have a little video.

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