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110 Sickest Spam Posts – and our Replies

6 November 2009, By: Charlie River
When you start a blog, you hope to strike up a nice and constructive interaction with your readers. And to be sure, many people have had the kindness to comment on our blogs here at Poker Junkie.

Temperature is going up...

Is there a supermarket near here?

Is this the way to the library?

Slain vortex legalized Katie establishment. Retiring roundtable – Tons of interesting stuff!!!

I’d like a single to Paris, please.

Wags Schubert beefy! Candace mythologies woodworking autocracies. Masted persons.

I have the opportunity to buy a cheap, unlocked iPhone but I want one that can do everything. So will it still work with everything?

Discouraging poured inoperable. Dynamo ensures reunite macromolecule.

I’m always amazed how you can so easily write your message.

Could you pass the salt, please.

Mentor economy muzzles Hetty Wolff? Discounting!

Do you have a guidebook in French?

Subscribe degenerative. Admiring Reichstag as under remonstrate. Terminally.

I have little time.

Purifications bridging underlie? Broken competitions excellence? Tons of interesting stuff!!!

Is Facebook safe? Some of my friends have them, but others don’t.

Don’t be late, please!

Lifters? Thieves exporter wriggles dividend franchise.

May I introduce our sales director?

That’s too nice. When it comes in India, hope it can make a rocking place for youngsters. Hope that comes true.

You are welcome!

Interesting Blog, oddly enough I had read a newspaper article from September 4th, 2004, that was strangely similar to this post.

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Discourage motorcycle revisionary? Moisture swaying Hermann.

Not yet.

Hi! How day? I got her video today. I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Anglicans! March, festively leopard. Backward sclerosis.

You`d better stay here.

Icelandic mops arsenals botcher vulnerabilities adsorb! Tractable….

Tired of searching for cum? This way!

Bowel? Acetylene tautological wrap keener! Worker Thessaly enchanting shorthand.

Please help, my computer got a virus!

Clinched Seward! Mimeograph malign Avesta lightness intercepting.

What does the owner’s manual say?

Revolving imitates correctly finals Judas. Ainus propelling…. Thanks!!!

New here… Found this site for searching for criminal/dwi/dui attorneys on Long Island, New York. My cousin came accross the one he hired here and was very pleased with the outcome.

If you should see her…

Fractional pegs! Fetters testify northeast equitably! Penguin consulate arrogation!

I wonder where they are.

What time does the train leave?

Forrest alliances, Kenny encoder! Indigestion cottage.

Savoyard gaiters have pedestrians. Typical fashioned adjutants. Motionlessly.

Entitles popularized teems pointing sacrificer tither besetting … Thanks!!!

Pageantry philosophizers Wallenstein? Synthesized precluding. Habitual remark…

I hope you enjoyed the party.

Butterball! Metronome? Swoops triumphs gnaw? Bytes.

What month is it now?

You got the wrong number.

Annoyingly pogo micro jumps? Chart a checker boarded grantor!

A table contains data. A view is exactly what the name implies, it is only a view on a table for example.

If there is another way, i think you should pass there. It’s only my advice, so don’t be angry.

Skater noblest salesman reckoner. Region Kiwanis acquisition moonlighting?

One ticket to the city center, please.

Has it got meat in it?

Accommodate? Commentator selectively humanities crudeness Granville babbled? Amongst declaring.

Judges. Seychelles. Pastor. Petulant cliques…

Decimated fairies. Seriousness oscillates. Exclaims…. thanks!!!

Bombastic bicyclers buffering beating. Rearranging!

Harcourt lamp board. Yuh, prosodic. Legible inbound.

Gnome crowd baseness unifies categorically. Munsey antagonist bravest sportsman.

I studied all his issue, but don’t recognize what to say on it – just check out it later!

Rousseau, feeble mirrored pessimism. Potentialities! Panics, tragic spoolers.

My Pater said so. Anyway, I’m not sure.

Hello, I’m pretty confused, but is this a good place to say “Hi”?

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I express my deep gratitude for your hard work.

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What month is it now?

Enjoy her ass people!

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Maybe, but I’m skeptic. Your voice is pretty, but the competition is quite hard as I see.

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If there is another way, i suppose you should pass there. It’s no greater than my warning, so don’t be angry.

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Octopus Armour. Gauged panelist resolves bicycles. Carbons!

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Gotten eye storages! Miscegenation benchmarking socialist assuage.

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Theory hats Jane Cog. Plaintext illustration, sickroom edition.

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Bumble workman Travis? Blooming cheesy. Wilkie insure!

Mentally nosing unalienable. Adrienne chips Marcus, empties rents decimate.

Thoughtfulness characterizations. Karachi greeted penetrator. Fourteenth Shiva.

Lovelier brokenness sequentializes gelatinous. Motorizes stylishly police bang,

Quota stereotype? Reintroduced handbags! Trumpet clods? Believer!

Upholding rights. Comber frontiers merchant. Non-determinism mailbox.

Cowherd supervision? Professions allergic pruning.

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