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The 10 Worst Poker Blow-Ups of the Decade

11 December 2009, By: Charlie River

Every poker player knows how it feels to miss every hand while the steam pressure intensifies. Eventually something – a bad beat, what an opponent says or a bad play – will trigger an explosion and you find yourself in the middle of a poker blow-up. Here we list the 10 biggest blow-ups of the century, at least among those caught on tape.

10. Mike Matusow Cries


9. The Bully Gets Bullied

8. Freddy Deeb Goes South

7. A Bad Streak Gets to Daniel Negreanu

6. Sean Sheikhan vs. Mike Mathusow

5. Phil Ivey Is Furious

4. Scotty Nguyen Is Shit-Faced and Out of Line

3. Steamed Devilfish Tastes Great

badly dressed poker

2. Tony G vs. Russia

1. Epic Hellmuth Blow-up in Two Parts

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  • Junior 18/12/2009 11:48am (11 years ago)

    Tony G point shouldn't be playing poker. Apparently he's a nice bloke away from the table. So stay there.