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The 16 Sickest Hands of the Decade

8 December 2009, By: Charlie River

Millions and millions of hands have been played over the decade and truly sick things have happened. Here we list the 16 sickest hands; suck-outs, great lay-downs, stupid moves, cold decks and clever plays.

16. Two Perfect Cards for Hansen

last hand in 1988 WSOP Main EventRounders

15. Tuff_Fish Broke in Two Hands

14. How Do You Fold Jacks Full?

13. Hansen vs. Negreanu – Set vs. Set

12. Jamie Gold Is Just Annoying

High Stakes Poker

11. The Oldest WSOP Main Event Player Slowrolls

10. Durrrr Hands out a Nasty Beat to Son-in-Law

$200 - $400 No-Limit Hold’em

Seat 1: Son-in-Law (big blind)

Seat 2: Durr (small blind)

FLOP: Td – Ts – 7h

TURN: Td – Ts – 7h – 5h

RIVER : Td – Ts – 7h – 5h – 4h


9. Corey Zeidman Acts like an Idiot

8. Anotnius Runs It Four Times

7.  The Largest Pot in Online Poker

6. Five Pocket Pairs, a Sick Lay-down and a Nasty Flop

5. Jennifer Tilly Gives Weak/Passive a New Meaning

4. Aces vs. Aces vs. Kings

3. Losing with Quads against a Dude in a Wife Beater

2. Sick Call by TexasLimitKing


$500 - $1000 Limit Hold’em

Seat 1: eastsideslim (big blind)

Seat 2: TexasLimitKing (small blind)

FLOP: Qc – 2d – 6h

TURN: Qc – 2d – 6h –  Qs

RIVER : Qc – 2d – 6h – Qs – 6d


1. Phil Ivey Re-Bluffs the Bluffer

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